facebook timeline 100% show

Facebook Post and Timeline Integration Perfect Solution

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Facebook Post and Timeline Integration Perfect Solution

(Facebook Post and Timeline Integration Perfect Solution)

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Read First (The Final Result

It is very necessary to understand that what we want to do. there are thousands of website on internet who spoil your time but there is no solution. Recently I was facing same problem and I spent many hours but finally I found the perfect solution. Now I’ll share this solution with you teach you, how to embed facebook page timeline on your Website or Blog.

So this is the final result and I hope you want to do exactly. Have a Look.

facebook timeline 100% show


If you want to do Exactly Lets Continue….

Step 1. Just copy and paste this code

Step 2. Replace Code With Your Facebook Page Name

Here in this code you need to replace code [YOUR-FACEBOOK-PAGE-USERNAME-HERE] with your facebook page name. If you have any problem to understand your facebook page name please comment below. For example here is my facebook page name is “EzioTrendz” so I replace it here. After replacing your code will look like.

Step 3. Paste your code where you want to show your facebook page timeline.

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