benefits of rss feed

How to use RSS Feed Via Feedly & Feed Burner 100% Free

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Dear Friends,

I’ve seen that many bloggers are facing so much problem because they couldn’t use RSS FEED properly. I studied on it and finally I understand that what is xml exactly and how it can be useful for us. I found the perfect solution and now you can use RSS FEED easily. Here you can use rss feed using feedly and feed burner which is free for you.

rss feed

What is RSS?

Full form of RSS is (Rich Site Summary) or can be known as Really Simple Syndication.

RSS is a way to simplify the way to view the webpages not the form which we received currently over internet or we can say in simple terms that RSS is a technology that is being used by web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites.

RSS Feed is the way to get only desired website content.

This is a secured way to see only the websites data without logging into the sites individually.

benefits of rss feed

Benefits of RSS

  • 100% complete control over the situation
  • No email address involved
  • No more spam, viruses, phishing, or identity theft-security
  • Instead of going to each of your favorite sites individually you can collect all the feeds of the sites
  • If you love news, entertainment, youtube video content will be delivered directly to your feed reader

Lets Start…

Step 1 : Open Feedly into your browser. (I am using google chrome)

open your installed browser and type “Feedly” in and visit on here you’ll be redirect on feedly website.


Step 2 : Click on “Get Started For Free”

get started for free

Step 3 : Now you’ll see a pop up box where you can sign up using any methods like

  1. Continue with Google
  2. Continue with Feedly
  3. Continue with Facebook
  4. Continue with Twitter
  5. Continue with Windows
  6. Continue with Evernote
  7. Continue with Enterprise

sign up


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