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15 Hilariously Funny Photoshop Trolls By James Fridman

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Funny Photoshop Trolls By James Fridman

(Funny Photoshop Trolls By James Fridman) – James Fridman is a British graphic designer who is famous because of his funny photoshop edits for those who requested him to alter their photographs on twitter. But if you ask him for help then better to take extreme care.

Scroll down to see our collection of his best 15 funny photoshop edits:

1. Would you mind making me look cooler?

photoshop funny pics

2. Hey Jamie, can you crop the girl out and replace with wifey material

photo requoest for wifey material

3.  Hey James! What’s in my belly button?

photoshop fails whats in my belly button

4. Hi, James! Could you make it look like my boyfriend is actually petting the ducks? He would be so happy! Thanks a bunch!

photoshop funny edit petting thee ducks

5. Hey James! I love your photoshop skills I was wondering if you could by any chance make it look like something is about to hit me from behind.

photoshop funny edit

6. Hi James! Can you maybe crop out or remove this guy from this foto and please don’t mock me as you do with all those funny fotoshop pictures on instagram.

photoshop fails funny

7. Hi James, could you remove this bald man’s head?

photoshop funny editing of girls

8. Hi, James, I was wondering if you could make it look like I’m not sitting on the edge of the bench? There were several of us sitting down and they stood up but we didn’t scoot down.

funny photoshop edit by james fridman

9. Hey! Can you please make this picture look less awkward and edit out the wet floor sign? Thanks!

photoshop funny by james fridman

10. Hey James love your work. Do you mind making her dress a little longer I think it’s too short. Thanks a lot.

dress long photoshop edit by james fridman

11. Hey Jamie could you please help me I need to correct this, it seems I’m holding the hand of my friend. (Funny Photoshop Trolls By James Fridman)

holding hand edit by james fridman

12. Hey Jamie. Can you make it so we are not looking in the same direction? Thanks man.

lookin in the same directtion by james fridman

13. Hey Jamie! Can you make me more young?

more young photoshop funny by james fridman

14. Hey can you help my brother not look tired? Thanks.

james fridman photoshop funny editings

15. I love your photoshop work. Could you please make it so my boyfriend’s armpit hair doesn’t show? It’s grossing me out. Thanks.

Funny Photoshop Trolls By James Fridman

armpit hair james fridman funny

Photo credits: jamesfridman.com

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