Create Your First Blog

Create your first blog solution for Beginners. Dear Trendy in today’s world there are so much people who have great knowledge. A knowledge which can be beneficial for people. Knowledge about Inspiration, Motivation, Cultural, Technology and lots of more other topics. People don’t find the right path to publish it around the world. Sharing your knowledge on social media is not enough, you need a better platform to publish your article. When you’ve something different from other people then you need to share as well as you can earn audience growth and get a better chance to earn money.

Hi my name is Shashank Goyal and here is the simple steps from where you can make your own blog and publish your experience around the world. Let’s go for it…

Step 1 :- Open “” in your Browser.


Step 2 :- Click on “Create Your Blog” or “Sign In” (Choose any one)

You need a gmail account to make your blog with If you’ve Gmail account then simply click on “Create Your Blog” or “Sign In” it will redirect you on the same path. If you don’t have any Gmail Account Then No Problem. Learn how to make Gmail account Click here…



Step 3:- Sign In with your Gmail Account

Sign in with your Gmail Account or simply called Gmail Id ie: Enter your Gmail Id and Password.


Step 4:- Enter the title of your first Blog…

Before doing this first of all think that what your first blog will be. What is the strongest knowledge you have or what experience you want to share with world via your first blog. Now enter the main tagline of your blog. Title is the most important part of any blog because it’s a one thing to write a good content and its a another thing to ranked it. Title shows your content to the search Engine. Your Title tells that what your content is ? So it is very necessary to create a meaningful Title. I put Title here “How to make a Blog”, you need to put your Title according to your content.

Note:- Many user ask about the title length. So here is the answer your Title length should be between 65 to 75 Characters.


Step 5:- Enter the Address of your Blog 

Dear trendy after enter your title you need to put a Address to create your first blog. Address of your blog is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which indicate your blog address worldwide like . Here is an example in which I’ve put my blog address “how-to-create-blog-eziotrendz” . . Now “www.” and “” is default extension which you can’t change. One more important thing every address is unique on web so it doesn’t necessary that your address will be available may be it is using by another blogger. Just try another. 


Step 6:- Select any theme and Click on Create Blog Button

Simply select any theme I’ve choose “Awesome Inc” theme and click on Create Blog Button below.


Step 7:- Click on “No Thanks” Button



Congratulation you’ve create your first blog and now you will be redirect on a main screen.

Dear trendy you know that you haven’t write any data in your blog so that there is no information will show but from now you can view blog with the help of your complete address like and you can view with browser.


Final Step :- Create your first article

From now if you know that how to create post then simply click on “create a new post” button and if you don’t know then no problem Learn how to create post in blogspot here.


Dear all I tried to tell you that how to create blog from Learn How to create first post from here… in my next article.

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